We Engage Cross-Sector Leaders

H2HC convenings, both in person and virtual, have brought together hundreds of thought-leaders representing healthcare and public health, academia, the private and nonprofit sectors, government and social services, and philanthropy. H2HC events are designed to highlight the health consequences and costs of food and nutrition insecurity and seek collaborative, long-term solutions.

We Uplift Innovative Models

H2HC granted more than $1 million from 2018-2021 to support innovative community-based models and ground-breaking food and health research. H2HC has supported:

  • The first state-level examination of the avoidable healthcare costs of hunger
  • Multiple surveys in Connecticut and Massachusetts documenting the effects of COVID on food insecurity
  • The pilot phase of a Children’s HealthWatch hospital-based economic mobility project


We Educate Stakeholders

Through convenings and outreach, H2HC promotes awareness of food insecurity and its health-related consequences as priority public health issues. H2HC educates a wide array of stakeholders through events, digital media, and participation in local, regional, and national networks.

Our Impact

Through our strategies and outreach, along with the participation of our stakeholders, H2HC has added its voice to the national conversation.