Prizes for Innovation FAQs

1. What kind of work will be considered for the H2HC Prizes for Innovation?
As outlined on our website, H2HC is seeking innovative, and perhaps unusual, work addressing food and nutrition and that has the potential or proven capacity to make a significant contribution to advancing health equity. H2HC is particularly interested in uplifting models that take an upstream approach to catalyze systemic change.

2. Are there specific populations the work should target?
H2HC is interested in work that empowers populations in the United States most at risk for health challenges related to food and nutrition insecurity. H2HC is also interested in work that centers lived experience and is led by individuals who represent the communities they serve.

3. Are clear goals and outcomes required?
Yes, clear measurable objectives, including goals and outcomes, are critical.

4. Who can nominate an organization?
Anyone, whether internal or external to an organization, can nominate an organization with tax-exempt status or affiliation.

5. What kind of organizations can be nominated?
Any nonprofit organization/initiative with 501(c)3 status, or that is fiscally sponsored by a 501(c)3 nonprofit, can be nominated.

6. Will multiple nominations increase an organization’s chance of winning?
No, prize recipients are determined by eligibility criteria, not by the number of nominations received, so we advise interested parties to collaborate on a single nomination per year.

7. Can I nominate an organization again if they have been nominated in previous Prize years?
Yes, organizations may be re-nominated in subsequent years if they were not selected as Prizes for Innovation winners in previous years. We recommend reviewing our Prize winners and what set them apart from other organizations in order to improve your nomination in subsequent years.

8. Will I be notified of my nomination status?
Prize finalists will be notified and invited to an interview in August-September 2024. H2HC will notify all nominees as soon as possible after prize winners have been selected in September-October 2024.

9. Who will be evaluating the prize nominations?
H2HC has recruited a small cross-sector group of advisors with diverse professional backgrounds to evaluate nominees and identify finalists.

10. What is expected of the Prize recipients?
Attend the H2HC Fall 2024 Summit in Boston on November 21; report on Prize-related activity next year at the H2HC Fall 2025 Summit; collaborate ongoingly on  H2HC initiatives, learning community activities, media relations, and other related work; publicize the H2HC Prize and ongoing updates on its organizational website and in social media.

11. Are the prize funds restricted in any way?
The H2HC prizes have no use restrictions and are meant to uplift and amplify innovative efforts in the food and nutrition space to advance health equity.

12. How will the prizes be distributed?
The $100,000 prizes will be distributed to recipients in two equal tranches of $50,000 in fall 2024 and fall 2025.

13. What will happen to my organization’s nomination if I don’t win?
H2HC is eager to help amplify the promising work of nominees and is building a collection of innovative models from around the country on its website. H2HC will be in touch if we choose to include your work.