The RISE Summit on Social Determinants of Health

Apr 15, 2024 – Apr 17, 2024
New Orleans, LA

The RISE Summit on Social Determinants of Health is the place for cross-sectional thought leaders to discuss actionable, tactical, and scalable solutions to social determinants of health (SDoH) challenges and achieve better outcomes for the most vulnerable populations.

The community of change-makers participating in The RISE Summit on Social Determinants of Health continues to grow year after year. Your colleagues attended in 2024 to:

  • Participate in the most comprehensive SDoH conference, that balances high-level topics affecting the industry with the tactical knowhow to implement successful SDoH programs.
  • Gain insights from individuals affected by SDoH, such as their lived experiences in homelessness, being a patient in the health care system, and overcoming challenges with disabilities.
  • Acquire practical knowledge on working with health care, implementing best practices in data collection and analysis, and gaining insights into payment models through three interactive, hands-on workshops.
  • Enhance your knowledge of policies and programs that advance and support SDoH efforts with insights directly from Federal and State officials.
  • Get tactical ideas from 80+ changemakers addressing SDoH and health equity – hear what’s worked, what hasn’t, and how to work most effectively across sectors.
  • Connect, network with and exchange ideas with 600+ like-minded individuals across sectors.
  • Dive into sustainable funding streams, creative financing and means to reimbursement to scale SDoH programs.
  • Hear first-hand examples from health plans, providers and CBOs running successful SDoH programs, and gain insights into how they function to potentially replicate similar programs in your community.
  • Receive examples of how Medicare Advantage plans are addressing SDoH for their members and communities.