Health Equity Compact: Health Equity Trends Summit

Jun 6, 2024
UMass Boston, Boston, MA

The 2o24 Health Equity Trends Summit, hosted by the Health Equity Compact, was focused on “Health Equity in Action.” The Summit followed up on leader’s commitments from the first annual Summit in 2023, showcased progress over the past year, discussed future opportunities, and fostered more in-depth engagement and connection.

The Summit featured:

  • Inspiring examples of health equity in action and its impact, from the systemic to the community and personal level
  • Strategies for operationalizing health equity work, including partnership across systems, scaling initiatives, and ensuring sustainability
  • Follow-up discussion on commitments from healthcare leaders, delving into progress made and challenges in turning pledges into action
  • A bird’s eye view of health equity initiatives that have emerged in the last year
  • Dynamic talks addressing future-facing issues, like AI and racial health equity
  • Opportunities to connect with other health equity champions at our newly added reception