H2HC 2022 Fall Summit: The Way Forward

On November 17, 2022, H2HC hosted 70+ local and national corporate, government, healthcare, and nonprofit leaders at its annual Fall Summit at the Museum of Science.

Throughout the Summit, as presenters and participants attendees showcased innovative programs and shared ideas, the conversation returned to the core idea that moving from hunger to health requires a whole-of-society approach—with involvement and leadership from the private and public sectors along with those with lived experience. Presenters and participants identified several pressing goals:

  • Engage critical stakeholders, including from the corporate and healthcare sectors
    Moving from hunger to health requires broad involvement that emphasizes inclusion and leadership from those with lived experience as well as from corporations, the healthcare and food industries, and government.
  • Remove barriers to collaboration and shared learning
    We must build a shared language and awareness of the work others are doing and eliminate unnecessary duplication, such as developing food and nutrition insecurity screening tools. As with all initiatives, opportunities for collaboration must be created through a lens of equity and inclusion.
  • Transform the health system
    Create a health system that is not focused solely on treating disease but on preventing This requires buy-in, active involvement, and innovative leadership from within the healthcare sector.
  • Prioritize equity
    We need to address inequities and inequalities by focusing on the social drivers of health, involving the community in seeking solutions, and challenging assumptions.
  • Demonstrate cost savings
    To bring in key players from the public and private sectors, increase research, and expand our reach, we must advance an economic argument and demonstrate return on investment (ROI). Building a narrative around potential cost savings is critical.
  • Convene and collaborate
    Opportunities to collaborate and share are essential for moving forward together. In that vein, plans for H2HC convenings in 2023 are under way.
  • Build a repository of innovative examples
    There is a pressing need for outlining criteria and developing a framework for success as well as tracking and sharing information on effective programs through a robust website and platform. Included should be programs that eliminate barriers and enable innovation among people with lived experience, put money and resources into the hands of consumers, and improve and expand nutrition education for healthcare providers.



  • Welcome
    Tim Ritchie, H2HC Leadership Council member, President and CEO, The Museum of Science
    Nicolene Hengen, H2HC Executive Director
    Catherine D’Amato and Karen Mitchell, H2HC Leadership Council Co-Chairs
  • After the White House Conference: Where Do We Go from Here?
  • Part 1: Conference Highlights, Task Force Recommendations, and Next Steps
    Catherine D’Amato, H2HC Leadership Council Co-Chair, President and CEO, The Greater Boston Food Bank (Moderator)
    Dean Dariush Mozaffarian, MD, Tufts Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy
    Ambassador Ertharin Cousin, Food Systems for the Future
  • Part 2: National Challenges and Opportunities
    Sara Bleich, PhD, Director of Nutrition Security and Health Equity for the Food and Nutrition Service, USDA
  • Innovation, White Space, and Solutions
    Nicolene Hengen, H2HC Executive Director (Moderator)
    Ruby Ferguson, Greater Chicago Food Depository and City of Chicago Food Equity Policy Lead
    Wiljeana Glover, PhD, Founding Faculty Director, Kerry Murphy Healey Center for Health Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Babson College
    Julie Greene, Director, Guiding Stars, Guiding Stars Licensing Company, LLC
  • Moving from Hunger to Health: Health Equity and Pathways to Success
    Sara Bleich, PhD, Director of Nutrition Security and Health Equity for the Food and Nutrition Service, USDA  (Moderator)
    Thea James, MD, Vice President of Mission and Associate Chief Medical Officer, Boston Medical Center
    Elsie Taveras, MD, Chief Community Health Equity Officer, Mass General Brigham
    David Waters, CEO, Community Servings
  • Closing Discussion, Observations, and Pathways Forward
    Catherine D’Amato and Karen Mitchell, H2HC Leadership Council Co-Chairs