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Boston Medical Center Launches Its Health Equity Accelerator

Nov 16, 2021
BMC Health Equity Accelerator

H2HC member Boston Medical Center, part of BMC Health System, has established a unique Health Equity Accelerator to propel its efforts to revamp its health system to achieve racial health equity, under leadership from executive directors Elena Mendez-Escobar, PhD, and Dr. Thea James, H2HC Advisory Council member.

The Accelerator is built to transform healthcare to deliver health justice and wellbeing by creating an infrastructure that brings together three tools that normally operate independently: leading-edge research methodologies, patient insights and community partnerships, and clinical operations capabilities.

These three functions will work together to systematically uncover and address the root causes of inequity, including barriers to economic mobility, systemic bias, and racism.

To learn more about the Health Equity Accelerator and why it was launched, read the article on BMC’s Health City.

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