Health Equity, Survey

The Root Cause Coalition: Trends, Attitudes and Perspectives on Health Equity and Social Determinants (2022)

The Root Cause Coalition (TRCC), of which H2HC is a member, released its end-of-year Trends, Attitudes and Perspectives (TAP) Report. Throughout 2022, TRCC conducted a series of online, 1,000-person, nationally representative surveys to explore Trends, Attitudes and Perceptions (TAP) about issues related to health equity. This report focuses on public perception of major issues related to the social determinants of health.

A few of the issues related to health equity they explored include health equity, how the home environment impacts health and well-being, mental health, maternal health, gun violence, food allergies, the impact of digital device usage in the lives of Americans, and COVID-19.

The data from these surveys offers a snapshot as to how Americans are thinking about these issues and helps organizations strategically collaborate with one another to educate and advocate for the advancement of these issues among policymakers, partners and others.