HRiA (test)

Program/Initiative: Hunger to Health Collaboratory
Organization Website:

Organization: HRiA (test)

Specific Program or Initiative within the organization being nominated, if applicable: Hunger to Health Collaboratory

106 Byron Street
Boston, MA, 02128
United States

1. How does the organization/program/initiative focus on food and/or nutrition challenges? How does the approach address upstream root causes and systemic factors that contribute to health inequities?
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2. How does the work reach across established disciplines to catalyze new collaborations and create effective systems and outcomes?
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3. Describe how the work of the organization/program/initiative could be scaled regionally or nationally.
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4. Describe how the work of the organization/program/initiative could be replicated in other communities.
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5. Please provide evidence of how the work of the organization/program/initiative is sustainable in the long term.
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6. Please provide measurable evidence of the organization/program/initiative’s impact on the community or individuals served.
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7. Please describe specifically how the prize monies would be used to further the work of the organization/program/initiative.
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Proof of 501(c)3 status or affiliation


Nominated By:

Samantha Smith

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